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Title Composer Arranger Specs/Mvmts UIL ID MNR?
12 Preludes
Ponce Segovia play any 2 405-1-16892
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]12 Preludes
12 Sonatas
Scarlatti Brouwer (play one) 405-1-16897
Publishers/Coll.: [The Gendai Guitar Co. (dist. by Guitar Solo)]12 Sonatas
12 Studies
Villa-Lobos (play one from studies 1, 5, 8 or 11) 405-1-16909
Publishers/Coll.: [Max Eschig]12 Studies
3 Canciones Populares Mexicanas
Ponce Segovia (play one) 405-1-16893
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]3 Canciones Populares Mexicanas
3 Sonatas
Cimarosa Bream/Casseus (play one) 405-1-16873
Publishers/Coll.: [Faber Music, Ltd.]3 Sonatas
Afro-Cuban Lullaby
Brouwer 405-1-29960
Publishers/Coll.: []Afro-Cuban Lullaby
Scarlatti Noad 405-1-16898
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Baroque Guitar
Allemande BWV 995
Bach Koonce (play the Allemande) 405-1-16864
Publishers/Coll.: [Neil A. Kjos Music Company]The Solo Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
Andante Largo
Sor Noad 405-1-16901
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Classical Guitar
Albeniz Byzantine 405-1-16858
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Six Pieces
Sanz Noad 405-1-16952
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]Canarios
Canco del Lladre
Anon. or Trad. Llobet 405-1-16863
Publishers/Coll.: [Union Musical Espanola]Canco del Lladre
Capricho Arabe
Tarrega Savio 405-1-16905
Publishers/Coll.: [Ricordi & Company, Inc.]Doce Composiciones
Cello Suite 1
Bach Duarte (play Prelude; or two other contrasting mvts) 405-1-16920
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Cello Suite 1
Cello Suite 2 BWV 1008
Bach 405-1-30627
Publishers/Coll.: [D'Oz]Cello Suite 2
Choro Number 1
Villa-Lobos 405-1-29956
Publishers/Coll.: []Choro Number 1
Weiss Artzt 405-1-16912
Publishers/Coll.: [Belwin, Inc]Ciaccona
Sagreras 405-1-29959
Publishers/Coll.: []Colibri
Danza Caracteristica
Brouwer Koonce 405-1-16866
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]The Solo Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
Danza Del Altiplano
Brouwer 405-1-30565
Publishers/Coll.: []Danza Del Altiplano
Danza Espanolas #1,3,4,5,10,12
Granados (play one) 405-1-29961
Publishers/Coll.: []Danza Espanolas #1,3,4,5,10,12
Danza Pomposa
Tansman 405-1-29957
Publishers/Coll.: []Danza Pomposa
Etudes Simples Part 3 and 4
Brouwer (play two) 405-1-16871
Publishers/Coll.: [Max Eschig]Etudes Simples Part 3 and 4
Mudarra Noad 405-1-16890
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Renaissance Guitar
Weiss Scheit 405-1-16913
Publishers/Coll.: [Universal Editions]Fantasie
Gavotte 1 and 2, BWV 995 (from Suite in a minor)
Bach Koonce 405-1-16922
Publishers/Coll.: [Neil A. Kjos Music Company]The Solo Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
Gavotte en Rondeau BWV 1006a
Bach Koonce (play only the Gavotte) 405-1-16867
Publishers/Coll.: [Neil A. Kjos Music Company]The Solo Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
Albeniz Barrueco 405-1-16859
Publishers/Coll.: [Belwin, Inc]Granada
Grand Solo Op. 14
Sor 405-1-30574
Publishers/Coll.: []Grand Solo Op. 14
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Bach Criswig 405-1-16868
Publishers/Coll.: [Belwin, Inc]Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Bellinati (solo version) 405-1-29967
Publishers/Coll.: []Jongo
Julia Florida
Barrios 405-1-30567
Publishers/Coll.: [Public Domain]Julia Florida
La Catedral
Barrios-Mangore (play one of the three mvts) 405-1-29963
Publishers/Coll.: []La Catedral
Piazzolla 405-1-30577
Publishers/Coll.: []Libertango
Albeniz Byzantine 405-1-16860
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Six Pieces
Tarrega Savio 405-1-16906
Publishers/Coll.: [Ricordi & Company, Inc.]Doce Composiciones
Tarrega Savio 405-1-16907
Publishers/Coll.: [Ricordi & Company, Inc.]Doce Composiciones
Roncalli Noad 405-1-16896
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Baroque Guitar
Torroba Segovia 405-1-16888
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Pieces Caracteristiques
Prelude and Allegro
de Murcia Pujol 405-1-16875
Publishers/Coll.: [Max Eschig]Prelude and Allegro
Prelude in d minor, BWV 999
Bach Koonce 405-1-16869
Publishers/Coll.: [Neil A. Kjos Music Company]Prelude in d minor, BWV 999
Prelude in E Major in the Style of Weiss
Ponce 405-1-29968
Publishers/Coll.: []Prelude in E Major in the Style of Weiss
Preludes 1, 3, 4
Villa-Lobos (play one) 405-1-16910
Publishers/Coll.: [Max Eschig]Preludes 1, 3, 4
Preludes 3 and 4
Tarrega Casseus 405-1-16908
Publishers/Coll.: [Ashley]Selected Masterpieces for Classic Guitar, vol. 1
Preludios Epigramaticos
Brouwer play two 405-1-30576
Publishers/Coll.: []Preludios Epigramaticos
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Tarrega 405-1-29965
Publishers/Coll.: []Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Romanze (from Grand Sonata in A Major)
Paganini Meyerriecks 405-1-16891
Publishers/Coll.: [Belwin, Inc]Romanze (from Grand Sonata in A Major)
Rondo (from Grand Sonata Op. 22)
Sor Noad 405-1-16902
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Classical Guitar
Rondo in a minor
Aguado 405-1-29962
Publishers/Coll.: []Rondo in a minor
Rosita, Polka
Tarrega 405-1-30566
Publishers/Coll.: [Public Domain]Rosita, Polka
Rumores de la Caleta
Albeniz Byzantine 405-1-16861
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Six Pieces
Sarabande and Variations
Handel Noad 405-1-16885
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Baroque Guitar
Sarabande, Gigue, BWV 997 (from Suite in a minor)
Bach Koonce (play one of the five mvts) 405-1-16870
Publishers/Coll.: [Neil A. Kjos Music Company]The Solo Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
Scherzino Mexicano
Ponce Ramos 405-1-16894
Publishers/Coll.: [Peer/Southern Organization]Scherzino Mexicano
Serenata Espanola
Malats Abloniz 405-1-16886
Publishers/Coll.: [Edizioni Berben]Serenata Espanola
Sonata in a minor
Scarlatti Segovia 405-1-16899
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Sonata in a minor
Sonata in e minor
Scarlatti Segovia 405-1-16900
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Sonata in e minor
Sonata No. 11 K331
Mozart Kanengiser mvt 3 Alla Turka 405-1-30573
Publishers/Coll.: []Sonata No. 11 K331
Weiner (play Prelude, Scherzo or two other mvts) 405-1-16911
Publishers/Coll.: [Southern Music Company]Suite
Suite Castellana
Torroba Segovia (play one mvt) 405-1-16889
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Suite Castellana
Suite Del Recuerdo
Merlin play Joropo & 1 other mvt 405-1-30568
Publishers/Coll.: [Tuscany Music Publications]Suite Del Recuerdo
Suite Populaire Bresilienne
Villa-Lobos play one mvt 405-1-30569
Publishers/Coll.: []Suite Populaire Bresilienne
York 405-1-29958
Publishers/Coll.: []Sunburst
Tango en Skai
Dyens 405-1-29966
Publishers/Coll.: []Tango en Skai
Tombeau De M. Mouton
de Visce Noad (Allemande) 405-1-16876
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Baroque Guitar
Trios Nocturnes Op. 4
Mertz Wynberg (play one from No.2 or No. 3) 405-1-30570
Publishers/Coll.: [Chantrelle]Trios Nocturnes Op. 4
Twenty Studies
Sor Segovia (play one: 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, 20) 405-1-16903
Publishers/Coll.: [Marks Music Corporation]Twenty Studies
Two Studies
Carulli Casseus (play one) 405-1-16872
Publishers/Coll.: [Ashley]Selected Masterpieces for Classic Guitar, vol. 1
Un Dia de Noviembre
Brouwer 405-1-30572
Publishers/Coll.: [Chester Music Ltd.]Un Dia de Noviembre
Vals Venezolanos 1-4
Lauro (play one of the four) 405-1-29964
Publishers/Coll.: []Vals Venezolanos 1-4
Ponce Segovia 405-1-16895
Publishers/Coll.: [Schott Company]Valse
Variations on a Theme of G.F. Handel
Guiliani (play Theme and any 4 variations) 405-1-30575
Publishers/Coll.: []Variations on a Theme of G.F. Handel
Variations on La Folia
Sor Noad (play Theme and all 4 variations, omit the Minuet) 405-1-16904
Publishers/Coll.: [Amsco Publications]The Classical Guitar